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This is ME!

Updated: May 10, 2022

Hey! My name is Cassie, and I would like to introduce myself. It's been a while, and there is so many new people joining the MixFit crew. It's time to let you know more about me and what I stand for.

#1) I do not enjoy writing or advertising. Numbers are more my thing. You will find many errors if you keep reading my blog and I'm okay with that.

#2) I'm a mom of 2 boys. I have been married for almost 13 years (high school sweethearts).

#3) I used to be an introvert and very shy. I'm not sure what happened. I enjoy getting out and talking to people now, but I still have to have some alone time to recoup.

#4) I enjoy most music, except for today's country. Some of my favorites are Awolnation, Breaking Benjamin, Punisher soundtrack, and The Greatest Showman soundtrack.

#5) I am firm believer in Calories In vs. Calories Out and eating the foods that make your body feel energized. No restrictions here.

#6) I refuse to eat food that has been microwaved in plastic. Especially steam bags.

#7) I try my best to live a chemical free life. I pay attention to what is in my shampoo, soap, lotion, laundry detergent...etc. The #1 ingredient to avoid is fragrance. Candles or air fresheners are rarely used in my house. They give me headaches and make my eyes water.

#8) I enjoy recycling. If you haven't used reusable grocery bags, give it a try. They hold so much more than the plastic bags and save you some trips to the vehicle.

#9) I had heart surgery around the age of 3. It's my main reason to stay healthy.

#10) I LOVE to read, but not much time for it. YA Fantasy is my favorite genre. Some of my favorite authors are Sarah J. Maas, J.D. Robb, Jennifer Armentrout, Denise Grover Swank, Jeaniene Frost, and Darynda Jones.

#11) I love going camping. It's a great way to recharge yourself and get away from technology and stress.

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